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     Getting feedback can be frustrating sometimes, we totally get it and have experienced it in our early stages of music production. Sometimes we aren't sure if the idea is worth working on or confused if the mixdown sounds clean, or what are the areas of improvement, or even am I good in this style?

These things happen due to many factors such as:

  • Lack of experience

  • Working for many hours on the track causing ear bleeding and many other reasons.

     We get all of that and we would love to help you improve, it's our mission to help musicians achieve their goals and dreams. 

   We will listen to your track/song carefully and get back to you with detailed feedback on your song and a brief about areas to improve in your skills at the soonest time. We usually listen in a few hours but NEVER in more than 1 day. 

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  • To ensure we provide you with the best feedback experience, please send us finished (or almost finished) music.

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